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"My Author is Dead" - September 1, 2016

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Not your Usual Dystopia.

Not your Usual Satire.

For sure, Adam is weird—although “weird” is all relative. Weird is problematic, but tolerable. What’s forbidden though is talking to Kafkaists, who are nothing but dangerous worms guilty of “moral turpitude”—cockroaches that the Author most probably forgot to erase. So helping Kafkaists wasn’t the brightest thing to do.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a choice. For one, June was a Kafkaist—cockroaches can’t possibly have such dazzling blue eyes. Second, well… he had to make things right.

All he needed was a plan. An infallible plan. In normal circumstances—although “normal” is all relative—it’s that simple.

If only Adam was good at making plans.

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"The Emancipating Death of a Boring Engineer" - October 2012

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An unconventional journey, searching for significant numbers, good wines, the meaning of life, love, and whether it is ever too late.

“My casket shall be filled to the rim with 2005 Saint-Émilion.” So read the first line of the specific instructions for Keene’s funeral—a funeral that nobody would attend, since he had no friends or family. This had to be a mistake. Carmina’s ex-husband had never been one inclined towards such exuberance—“he was a boring engineer for Christ’s sake.” Besides, she didn’t want to have anything to do with this sordid story—they hadn’t spoken to each other for more than a decade. A story that would have her treasure hunt for junk, with a suicidal, pyromaniac kid in tow, while being courted by the shyest lawyer on earth. Keene didn’t have friends, but he sure had quirky acquaintances; each of the eight Carmina has to visit holds a piece of the puzzle.

With its palette of quirky characters, imaginative developments, and unusual perspective on life and death, The Emancipating Death of a Boring Engineer is an inspirational journey that captivates, entertains, and provides food for thought to those of us who happen to know someone who might die someday (rare as it may be).

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"Shaken Allegiances" - October 2009

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Shaken Allegiances spans 48 hours in a world askew—almost absurd—just after a devastating earthquake has struck and isolated Montréal Island in the dead of an icy winter, one week before a referendum on Québec’s secession from Canada. No power, no communications, no access, and -40°F, but no heroes to the rescue; no Schwarzenegger, no Stallone, no Charlton Heston. Provincial and federal politicians are busy waging an ideological war, while coordination of emergency response is in the hands of a lunatic; a structural engineer and a disc jockey form an odd couple in their pursuit of fame, while the frustrated media seek ways of leapfrogging the collapsed bridges to undertake some disaster tourism of their own. Their fortuitous encounters, and problems with quirky opportunists, converge to help make things worse. Kafka would feel at home.

Shaken Allegiances jolts with a disturbing and witty projection of today’s unbridled narcissistic society, a disaster in full bloom that has sprung from the seeds of individualism planted in the 1980s. Its colorful characters, quixotic, ambitious, rapacious, self-righteous, naïve, conceited, moronic, lost, or otherwise flawed, provide a fresh, entertaining and cynical view of the inescapable human folly.

Inhumanité - Onze Nouvelles qui Insultent l'Intelligence (in French)

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L'humanité est mal en point. De la réalité quotidienne jusqu'à l'échelle globale, la bêtise humaine fait des ravages. Inhumanité présente une vision fraîche, divertissante, et parfois cynique de la nature humaine tout en promenant le lecteur de Montréal à Vienne, en passant par Toronto, Vancouver et la Californie. À travers Onze nouvelles qui insultent l'intelligence, onze personnages, tour à tour, poursuivent des solutions aux problèmes qui les affligent jusqu'à leur aboutissement ultime.

Un sans-abri poursuit son camion d'ordures, une vieille dame s'imagine être mise à l'épreuve par un curé, un adolescent cherche à s'arracher à sa ville déclarée la plus monotone des États-Unis d'Amérique, un homme est entraîné malgré lui dans une relation non-virtuelle, une commerçante est agressée dans sa tranquillité, une mère-porteuse est rejetée par son employeur, un jeune amoureux confond toutes nuances, un homme meurtri recherche la reconnaissance par un acte extrême, un autre veut venger la perte de sa fiancé aux mains d'un ordre religieux, une femme cherche le messie à Toronto, et une autre subit le poids de la survie de l'humanité entière. Situations banales? Pas entre les mains de l'auteur.

Que vous soyez un optimiste ou pessimiste, Inhumanité saura vous inquiéter quant à notre destinée commune.